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• When using File Import, it was not possible to import RAW files from i OS devices – it is now.• On a small number of 20 Mac computers, the image would sometimes disappear when editing larger images in the Pixelmator Retouch and Distort extensions. • Pixelmator would quit unexpectedly when opening PSD files containing a certain layer style. • Gradients would appear as thin lines on the new Mac Book with Intel HD 515 graphics cards. • On a small number of 20 Mac Book laptops, unwanted lines would appear in exported images with layers that had a specific stroke width. • The brush cursor (used for the Brush Tool, Repair Tool, Clone Tool, and others) is now more visible on all Retina displays.• When editing larger images using the Pixelmator Photos extensions, the image would sometimes disappear. • An issue with the Stroke effect meant that images which had text layers with Stroke were being exported darker. • The preview of the Pixelate effect would ignore any active selections and show a preview of the effect over the entire image.Now, the preview will show you exactly what you'll get after applying the effect.• Dithering is also applied when reducing the color depth of an image from 16 bits to 8 bits.

The update also features stability improvements for the Pixelmator Photos extensions.• If your tab preferences are set to In Full Screen Only or Manually, hold down the Option key when opening or creating new documents to open them in a new tab.New features and other gems in mac OS Sierra: • With support for the Universal Clipboard, you can now seamlessly copy images and text between Pixelmator on your Mac and i OS devices.• Precisely align windows and palettes by moving them close to each other.• Double-click the edge of a window to automatically expand that edge.

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