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I’m also a huge fan of gingerbread paired with orange.The tart orange pairs well with the spicy, bright flavors of ginger.In this Toasted Coconut Cake I wanted to maximize these layers of coconut and cream for a truly decadent cake.“I’ve never had a black and white cookie before” I mumbled to my vegan food friends, not thinking that it was that big of a deal. What is it about these flat perfectly looking cookies that straddle the line between black and white so mysteriously? Does this cookie dare to celebrate chocolate and vanilla at the same time? Is it just a boring pseudo shortbread crust underneath or something special? I decided to assemble Team Coconut: an all-star team of players dedicated to bringing in some serious coconut action.I adore how vegan cupcakes can be a celebratory canvas for almost any flavor combination, that you get to just pick up and take a bite out of.

Like real butter, Vegan Butter is more solid than tub margarine and not as spreadable.

It’s worth clearing space in your freezer for two baking sheets before you start.

I recommend using small cookie cutters for these cookies because the dough will spread out considerably during baking, making the cookies larger.

that are among the same flavor compounds that give traditional dairy cream its trademark creamy flavor.

And we all wondered why coconut and cream went together so well!

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  1. My father had always been (and continues to be, even in his 70’s) a workaholic — my siblings, his grandkids and I have always wished he’d figured out a way to work less and spend more time with us instead.

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