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This tends to go on until I’ve had a chance to listen to everyone talk, or at least until I realise they’re not bothering to use English anymore.It’s not always the most productive of activities but it is among the most student-led ones.Most of them don’t seem to have had the time to just hang around and do stupid stuff, they’ve been too busy at school and then kept at home with Mum and Dad.And they just don’t seem to mix with members of the opposite sex.They seem to lack a huge amount of experience which their Western counterparts might take for granted.On the whole they don’t go to parties, certainly not the type of parties I went to in my teens.It seems to work well and students who barely say a word most of the time have surprised me, talking almost non-stop. I think that, for a lot of them, it’s as close to a date as they’ve ever been on.

All these worksheets and activities for teaching Speed dating have been designed by English language teachers. This week, in the often frustrating battle to make my students speak English, I’ve been doing a speed dating exercise with my classes.After a bit of context setting, vocab work and guided discussion in the first hour, I sit them down and tell them to write 5 questions for a first date.It’s the kind of thing I’ve heard referred to as ‘traditional’ attitudes, usually by men who want a girlfriend that’ll clean their apartment without complaining.I always feel a bit uneasy talking about this kind of thing.

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I’ve had problems in the past with some activities. If they need to ask 10 people a set of questions and there are only 7 or 8 boys, getting some of them to walk up and speak to a girl can be painful.

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