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I felt fully present, not looking at others around as if there was no one here but me and our teacher’s voice.

I so love when Robyn sprays the essence water all around during the Savasana and I can feel each drop of it.

I need to have desire and understand why I do what I do; otherwise I would need to use a lot of will power and discipline to get where I think I want to (this is a stimulate cycle and my experience with disciplining myself into 100% raw vegan.) It’s not a good idea to fight my own mind. Flavours of food: Salty Bitter – some greens, rucola, radish Unamy – meaty – oysters, other mushrooms, some tomatoes, sundried tomatoes Spicy – cayenne, chilli, ginger, garlic Sweet Fat – coconut meat, avocado, nuts, seeds, oils Sour – vinegar, grapefruit, tamarind Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life.

In March 2011 she quit her stewardess job and hasn’t stopped ever since.

When you’ve been eating just cooked meals, your body produces only enzymes that break down that food and then when you switch to just raw, at first, it doesn’t break down properly as you don’t have the right enzymes.I was very happy after the super deep meditation seeing different mandalas, butterflies, light and even Lotus flower on top of my head.I fully listened to the surrounding nature sounds around as if I was part of them.We get so excited when people make our food because there’s no better way to show people how great vegan food is other than eating the hell out of something delicious and cruelty free.If you make our recipes, take a photo, tag us, and use #twocityvegans so we can drool over your pics. You may see yourself in our newsletter, which you should sign up for here!

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After day 1 and day 2 of the Pure raw vegan training, I woke up from a super deep sleep and felt unusually happy and bright.

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