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This means that Mimas, for example, orbits twice for every orbit of Tethys.According to the team, these two orbital resonances bring rhythm and harmony to the melody, which is otherwise unsteady.'Since doubling the frequency of a note produces the same note an octave higher, the four inner moons produce only two different notes close to a perfect fifth apart,' says Russo, who is also a graduate of U of T's Jazz performance program.In the second piece of music, the researchers brought to life the scales of Janus and Epimetheus – the two small, irregular moons that share an orbit just outside of Saturn's main rings.This pairing is the only example of a 1:1 resonance in the solar system.

The ring particles are made almost entirely of water ice, with a trace component of rocky material.

And, all the while, it will transmit data from several instruments until the signal is finally lost.

The eerie songs of Saturn come just two weeks before NASA's Cassini mission comes to a dramatic end, after 13 years observing the planet.

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For the first song, the team used a numerical simulation of Saturn's six large inner moons to play their corresponding musical notes every time a moon completed an orbit.

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