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You can find the real females from Russia and Ukraine on the other sites (ru,, or others)... BUT 99% of the single females both in Russia and Ukraine (in the real life) are poor and ugly.It always amused me, when I found so many women 40 looking so gorgeous...Here, my aspiration for dating Russian women has got realized. The Russian girls I have spoken with are not as mean as I have anticipated judging from the things I have read in the past. This site is so sopecial to me as it is where my lonely heart got cured.When i joined charmdate ,i didn't expect to find love.Then i met this russian girl and she completely knocked me off my feet.There is nothing we want more than to meet each other face to face Hey, guys, are you crasy to spend so much money on this scum?She told me she got my email address from the site because she felt very sorry for me and wanted to warn me. She had quit because her conscience wouldnt let her keep doing this.

These agents have trained personnel who answer in stereotype fashion so you never get an honest reply that is satisfying.

This seemed hard to believe that could happen and they never get caught.

But then one day I received an email from a woman in Ukraine who told me she had worked for a Charm Date agent for less than 4 weeks.

She had to pose and write as 10 different women and had to keep track of everything. I was paying USD to read what she had written and then another USD to reply and she was getting about 50 cents for each.

We then made contact on Skype and she told me every detail of what goes on. I immediately quit Charm Date and have not paid them a penny since.

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All the women are gorgeous and the replies were all tailored to keep men like me coming back over and over for as long as possible.

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