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I often tell stories in what can come across as a tangential and scattered style because there are so many moving parts.It’s “Stephen King-style” storytelling — where the first 300 pages of the book are seemingly unrelated plotlines until he brings them together in a WAM! The difference is that holding one of King’s books in your hand tells you that the pieces will come together because they’re bound together; you’ve opted in to his style, and he has about a zillion previous books to assure you that the story will, eventually, make sense with a big reward for the reader.I might just be conveying boredom without realizing it?The idea that my lack of dating success could be a matter of new people misreading my typical level of bored and fidgety is MIND BLOWING.By the time I hit middle school, I was sure “talking too much” was part of my personality.Actually, it turns out that this conversational issue is famously common in the matchmaking industry.And so, with a feeling of dare I say , responds to my interview request right away — an early sign that she gets the urgency and distractedness of someone with ADHD.Tschudi is, perhaps, the most perfect expert on this topic.

According to Emma, people like me with ADHD may have no idea how long we’ve been talking, and our brain may grab onto tangents in a story.The “non-stop act” that dating exacerbates is something I’ve been self-conscious about since I was a kid.Performances and creativity were encouraged when I was little, but by the time I was 10 years old, the phrase “Shut up” had chipped away at my self-confidence. I ask Tschudi about this.“Is it possible that I ‘over talk’ because I’m bored?I have an epiphany: maybe it both Totally , then there ought to be a way to adjust or become more aware and modify how I communicate so that people feel more comfortable around me,” I respond.It’s oddly encouraging to find out that after 20 years of what I’d deemed crap dating “luck” or “failure,” finding success might be as simple as correcting an imbalance I was blind to because of a disorder I wasn’t aware of until just a couple years ago.

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