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We've always said that if one of us leaves, the other will seriously consider what to do.I intend to quit this autumn, so who knows what Gaby has planned?

Throughout it all, Chris has had one shoulder to cry on - that of his gorgeous Big Breakfast telly partner Gaby Roslin.

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He said: 'We were like two volcanos erupting at once. I feel we were better as friends than as man and wife."Chris finally left 34-year-old Carol in August last year - a week after they moved into their 350,000 home in Highgate, North London.

We met when I was working at Piccadilly Radio seven years ago and were friends until 1990 when things started to develop romantically. When we got on it was fantastic, second to nothing. God knows what we found to shout at each other about because our lives were perfect. It was never a case of me leaving Carol at home to run with my new showbiz friends. He said: "We realised that our relationship just wasn't going anywhere.

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When I first started out doing this, I wanted to bring people on that made an impact on the show, had a good story to tell, and maybe overcame a few things.

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