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Continue reading: Paris Hilton Apologises For Branding Alleged Trump Assault Victims As Liars Heiress Nicky Hilton has welcomed her first child, a daughter named Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild.Nicky and her husband, British banker James Rothschild, welcomed little Lily Grace in New York City on Friday (July 8), according to Entertainment Tonight.

Paris' grandfather, Barron Hilton, pledged 97% of his wealth to a charitable organisation that had been set up by his father, thus reducing his grandchildren's inheritance.We have apps for the purpose of taking selfies, our phones have a front-facing camera for selfies, there are even people toting selfie-sticks so they can get more people into their photos.Paris and Britney didn't have any of that back in 2006, but that didn't stop them.The 36-year-old socialite insists that while she is sorry about the nature of what she said, she is disappointed that it was 'misapplied' by the article in question.She was discussing the leak of Trump's sexist conversation with Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bush several years ago.

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The show was a hit, but was cancelled by Fox after its third series, when Richie and Hilton fell out with each other. The album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart, although overall sales for the album have been relatively low.

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