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My father, John Behan, began his career in the Army Canine Corps during WW Two, training dogs for deployment in the Pacific theater of combat.After the war, Dad was one of the first trainers to install service dogs in police departments and security applications, and he could very well have been the first trainer to apply the idea of wolves organized as a dominance hierarchy to the relationship between a dog and its owner. I can distinctly remember in the sixties when the question of whether or not to neuter a male puppy started to nag at dog owners.They were beginning to hear from a growing number of veterinarians and dog experts that neutering had many benefits for male dogs, behavioral as well as medical.In those early years owners often questioned this advice (this was most true of men at that time, however now women are more willing to question modern orthodoxy) and wondered why any part of a happy, healthy puppy’s anatomy needed to be removed?By the eighties, whoever stood on the wrong side of the inquisition was viewed as a heretic.It became virtually impossible to have a reasoned exchange of ideas on the matter.

Every owner is entitled to do what they believe is in the best interest of their dog.

In New York City a male, whole Rottweiler ended up in the shelter system after it had been stolen from its owner.

When its owner finally tracked it down, he was refused his dog unless he agreed to have it neutered.

Castrating male puppies is now considered a basic rite of passage into human society, as automatic and necessary a procedure as a rabies vaccine.

A three-pronged argument in favor of neutering has stamped out the heresy.

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