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At the beginning of the 20th century, Bucharest's Jewish population numbered 40,000 with 70 temples and synagogues. Most of the tombs here are overgrown and sunken into the earth. In 1855, the city was the home of the first-ever Yiddish-language newspaper, and the birthplace of the Israeli national anthem.From this great number, only a few survived the brutality of history - fascism and communism – and two still serve the city's present Jewish community. Moses Rosen Museum of the History of the Jewish Community in Romania – Holocaust Museum Address: Str. The world's first professional Yiddish-language theater was opened here in 1876 by Avram Goldfaden, who later founded New York's first Jewish Theater.

The community supports a publishing house, Ha Sefer, and puts out a bimonthly newspaper, Revista Realitatea Evreiasca.The community survived the Holocaust and most of the families moved to Israel. Intricate chandeliers adorn the lofty ceiling and a lavishly carved and brightly painted Aron ha Kodesh overhangs the sanctuary. Mihai Eminescu 403 Botosani's large Jewish Cemetery includes a newer section with tombstones dating from the 19th century and an original old section which has wonderfully carved tombstones. 1 Decembrie 54 Tel: (231) 514.659 For more information please visit: have lived in Brasov since 1807, when Rabbi Aaron Ben Jehuda was given permission to live in the city, a privilege until then granted only to Saxons.Fewer than 300 Jews remain today in the city, served by a retirement home, a youth club and a kosher canteen. The largest is the Neolog Neolog Synagogue Address: Str. The Jewish Community of Brasov was officially founded 19 years later, followed by the first Jewish school in 1864 and the building of the Synagogue (address: Str. The Jewish population of Brasov expanded rapidly to 1,280 people in 1910 and 4,000 in 1940.The Jewish immigrants who settled in Little Romania brought with them a traditional technique for preserving goose by salting, seasoning, and smoking the meat.In America, however, beef was cheaper and more widely available than goose, so was made with beef brisket instead.

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A sacred brotherhood, a charity box and a prayer house were registered in 1715. The museum also contains a large collection of Jewish ritual objects from Romania, collected by Rabbi Moses Rosen (1912–1994), the late Chief Rabbi of Romanian Jewry. Sfanta Vineri 9 Tel: (21) 3 Built in 1867, this red brick temple is noted for its choir loft, organ and magnificent Moorish turrets. Built in the 1840s, its lush interior features Moorish details and an elaborate Aron ha-Kodesh, or Holy Ark. By the beginning of World War II, some 5,300 Jews were living here, with Hasidism becoming a major force. Spiru Haret 95 Telephone: (231) 611.797 For more information please visit: small industrial city was home to some 13 Jewish houses of worship and 4,000 Jews before World War II.

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