Ishihara satomi and sato takeru dating

And you have to have a signature move that you perform when you've solved the mystery. Crime cases tend to get boring if they're solved the same way over and over again.Everyone knows how a normal detective solves a normal case.Questioning, finding evidence, and then the final deduction.We need something new: a fresh new way of solving cases!If you're a Jdrama fan, I'm sure you've watched at least one Japanese detective drama regardless of what your genre preferences are.For every drama season since what seems to be the beginning of time, there has been at least one Japanese detective drama on air.And whadya know, Japanese detective dramas give us just that!

But above all that, you absolutely cannot be normal in any way!There really is no limit to what you can be in order to solve crimes.Even though you could be in any profession, you must must must have a character quirk!Personally, I think this is one of if not the best performance from Oguri Shun as an actor. Hard Nut Hard Nut is probably my favourite drama out of this bunch simply because of its quirks, actors, and great music.The main character, played by Hashimoto Ai, is a math major and her quirk is using math to solve cases.

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