Invedit v7 the owner isnt updating beta 1 4

Morrolan Yes, I am asking why he doesnt fix it in 1.8 before going to 1.9?

Go to https:// follow its instructions to get your OS X version so I can direct you to where to get Java.That's why he didn't just push it out for 1.8.2 or whatever.It's a pain that Bukkit isn't updated for 1.9-pre yet, but it's not even finished being updated for 1.8.x yet.Once I got that issue sorted, it was a simple process of changing to that directory as the very first thing it did. I was suggested by Boreeas the following: "Download the java compiler, add it to your PATH, get bukkit 1060, pull out the net.minecraft.server package, put it in a seperate folde, co to cmd, cd to the dir of the package, [...] I have an issue with my server.I run the default server client (Downloaded off and I run it and set up the properties file properly and everything.

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