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The smell was of strong sulphur I also react to onions & if I eat garlic I can smell it in my sweat. For a long time I identified this smell as diabetic urine.

I was truly happy when I found out it was simply the asparagus that causes the sugary smell (but after 3 days, the smell is more like pure sugar).

I wonder if eating asparagus is bad for the pancreas?

It's asparagus season - so I was curious about the distinct smell when pee-ing having eaten asparagus.

The urine is very strong and sometimes embarrassing.

I love these foods and I know they are good for me so don't want to avoid them! About half the population experience strange smelling (and sometimes green!

Back to the pee, though, I've found that after eating tofurkey, my pee smells exactly like the tofurkey... Regarding beetroot making semen taste strange, so does asparugus.There's a lot to read - and interesting that not all asparagus eaters have smelly pee, and only a proportion can actually smell it.Btw, my pee also reminds me whenever I've had Sugar Puffs/Puffed Wheat for breakfast! I was frightened because my urine smelled very strong for 3 days.When I started to pee I began to smell this very bad odor, I mean bad too, I was like this smell can't be coming from me but sure enough it was my urine.I didn't know why untill I shared it withan uncle of mine he then told me that aparagus does make your pee stinky.

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it's just a matter of big differences and ones that we can't notice.

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