Developing and validating multiple choice test item

Get their advice and secrets to success in key areas, including: ► Improving test scores and job placement rates ► Engaging students in thinking at higher levels ► Incorporating conceptual learning in your classroom ► Utilizing the latest learning technology » It’s everything you need to know about the future of nursing education, all in one conference! Program Planning Panel Marguerite Ambrose, Ph D, RN Barb Schreiner, Ph D, APRN, CPLP, CDE, BC-ADM Donna Walls, Ph D, RN, CHSE Conference Chair, Elsevier Cheryl L.Mee, MSN, MBA, RN Senior Program Manager, Contemporary Forums Jeannine Strunk, BSN, RN Program Manager, Contemporary Forums Adriana Le Ber, MAOM Dazzling Location Viva Las Vegas! and Las Vegas is so much more and constantly evolving -- check out the Lucky Dragon, Vegas’ newest casino on the strip.Upon completion, participants will be able to: During each Concurrent Session, 4 topics are presented simultaneously in separate rooms. Professional competencies for undergraduate and graduate nursing, nurse practice acts, the NCLEX exam, and even accreditation standards speak to the need for our students to develop as leaders.Sessions are limited in size and choices are assigned in the order received. Leadership is just as much a culture to be experienced as a skill to be learned.Attendees will become familiar with the organization of the exam and all the major topic areas.Emphasis will be placed on preparing for the exam, with strategies for understanding the competencies.

Elsevier and Contemporary Forums are proud to provide nurse educators with the outstanding tools they have relied on for years.All email addresses are for Contemporary Forums use only.This presentation will describe teaching strategies that support the QSEN competencies and demonstrate how they can be integrated into the curriculum.After analyzing this data and comparing it with lessons learned from thousands of faculty over the past two decades, the determination was made that faculty need help with developing policies that can guide the testing and examination process in nursing education.This session will explore an example of policy format that serves to guide faculty in best practices.

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Upon completion, participants will be able to: This Preconference session will review the components of critical thinking test items.

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