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, their plans for attaining music stardom have ranged from plans to start a boy band, to… Well, despite going into the real estate and reality TV business, they haven't yet given up on their musical dreams.

In late 2015, they released a music video for their country song "Hold On," as The Scott Brothers. Now, if only they could work the bagpipes back into the act…

In addition to his healthy eating habits, Drew loves to exercise. "I find cooking to be very therapeutic, but I just haven't had the luxury of time, day-to-day, to do it lately," said Jonathan. Right now, my diet's more p-h-a-t and happy." Jonathan and Drew haven't been in a fight for 20 years.

Yes, you read that right: they've gone two decades without an altercation.

"We're related on my mother's side," explained Jonathan. He even had diagnostic tests run that confirmed his sensitivity, so he steers clear of all wheat, barley, and rye. "I know it sounds oh, la dee da with your fancy chef — but when we looked into it, it was cheaper than eating out." Each meal costs about , according to Jonathan, and the chef services usually give the brothers a list of dishes they can order in advance and then heat up when they're ready to eat.

"A lot of people think I'm allergic to gluten, but I'm actually not," he explained. I find my body functions better and it breaks down food better if I don't do gluten." Drew also describes himself as a health nut, and said that if you looked in his fridge, you'd find protein shakes and supplements. In addition to being less expensive than going to restaurants, the pre-cooked meals have the added benefit of being healthy and within a certain calorie range.

And fans may be happy to hear that back before they gained their fame, the Scott brothers worked as underwear models, which they admitted in an interview with . Although Drew and Jonathan Scott are clearly gifted designers and businessmen, they originally wanted to be actors.They didn't name any of the companies they booked jobs with, but they did admit that there are pics of them in their skivvies floating around out there on the Internet. In fact, the whole reason they went into real estate was to avoid becoming starving artists."During university we did our very first property, ended up flipping it — before flipping was a trend or cool," they explained in an interview with Glamour magazine.The last time they fought was when they were both students at the University of Calgary, when "Drew was being annoying about something," Jonathan explained to ."I got so angry that I clenched my teeth so hard that I broke them." Since that incident, the brothers have adhered to what they call a 'no-BS policy'.

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