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The same would apply to interracial relationships/marriage.These types of relationships were unheard of a few decades ago, are you saying they should've remained that way because society didn't accept it? I'm not speaking from a biased standpoint, because personally I'd rather date someone very close to my's not discrimination when you put a standardized limit on something that society can accept. It's the biggest problem with America right now is that there is too much then I'm wondering why there should need to be limits placed on relationships. " By your logic, homosexuality should still be considered a mental illness and not condoned because of how out of norm it was years ago.There is a limit with where people feel comfortable with. The moment he hits 50, he'll be elder, so their relationship will change then.17 years is a lot, but since they're both adults, it's kinda fine You people are so despicable! There are couples who are at least 10 years apart and they're a lot happier than couples who are the same age or 1-3 difference apart!Because the world is so judgmental and always looking down upon others, Couples can't be truly happy like they deserve to be. Sex is only one aspect of love, not the full means of it. For example, if your parents were involved in an accident, you are going to automatically become sad, How is it possible to force yourself to become happy? You know what you could have done was disagree and keep it moving.And they're obviously dating because theyre attracted to each other, so your point is...? Same thing goes for why a person is attracted to another. However, you cant handle someone with a an opinion and who thinks for themselves.

He rarely even performed case studies to have scientific evidence to back his claims. Lol shut up, you're the one who feels so entitled to judge a couple's relationship. And by the way, your explanations makes no sense whatsoever. I had an opinion which obviosly hurt your feelings, idc im not responsible for your feelings.

SEE ALSO: Naver reveals the most-searched keywords of 2017 including 'Kim Joo Hyuk', 'Produce 101', and more An insider commented, "They do have a big age gap but their personalities get along so well that you can't even feel the age difference.

They got attracted to one another during movie filming and naturally became a couple."It's also reported that Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Yoo Young openly enjoyed dates without minding the public eye. She is Joon Young's age and it's funnily ironic, because in the first season 3 episode of 2d1n, joonyoung mentioned he was too old for him to introduce his friends to.

But of course idiots like you will take these things word for word. Take your own advice, that would help you and others around you a lot. And again, seems like general psychology is all you know... I cant even explain Freud Honey we didnt even get into an intellectual convo about him and neither did you explain his theories other than saying he was non existential in the psychology world which he is a pioneer. Judgement and opinion are the same fucking thing smart one.

If you're gonna try to be a smart ass about this you should know that love is largely driven by the chemistry in your brain. He is actually still very much so considered a pioneer so I dont know what kind of psychology degree you got. AND if your going to be a smart ass you should know that the chemical dopamine that creates the feeling of love is a short term chemical . Oh and im not pissed sweetie, just feel really bad for your ignorance and was trying to inform you. And lol, i dont give a shit about who you are or what you're opinions might be.

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Or have you ever heard of the term, "Love at first sight"? I would have daddy issues for dating an old ass man . Do you understand how to distinguish theory from truth? I can judhe tf i want if i want who RU to tell me otherwise?

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