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Top: Kooples tassel blouse in ecru, 0Pants: Rag and Bone bright white skinny jeans, 5Shoes: Manolo Blahnik ‘Chaos Cuff’ Sandal, 5Earrings: Gorjana ‘Tanner’ Linear Earrings, All items available at Nordstrom, (323) 930-2230 Perhaps one of the key reasons why the cast felt as if time had stopped is because—onscreen, at least—it actually did.

“When we start the film, Sloan is eight months pregnant,” Chriqui says.

The daughter of Terrance Mc Quiewick and goddaughter of super-manager Murray Berenson, Sloan always maintained a watchful eye over E.

John has dedicated his life to educating us about all things Africa. I want to be part of this.’ He gets inundated with charity requests, and he really felt like he could do something about this.

It’s been nearly four years since the TV show’s 2011 series finale, but Chriqui swears that in shooting the movie, it felt like the show wrapped yesterday.

“It was maybe the third or fourth day back on set and all the guys were together in the hospital when I’m about to give birth—it was all of us together again—and it was literally like no time had passed.

Screw the expectations: she’s happy with who she is (and look at her—she’s beautiful).

“At a certain point you realize, ‘Oh, our bodies change,’” she says, vowing, “I’m not going to starve myself to remain at a 24 jean. The only thing that makes me really sad is looking back, I never appreciated it when I had it.

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Moving forward, Chriqui plans on continuing her work with the Congo (and hopefully even visiting the region this summer) and on keeping herself engaged with a variety of diverse roles.

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