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And while that is happening, the Carlins' adopted son Clay (Danso Gordon) is finding out what it means to be black in a mostly-white world.

Show: South of Nowhere TV: Cable / Network: Teen Nick Character Status: Regular Endgame: Female Orientation: Lesbian Show Status: Over Tropes: Happy Ending Introduced in: 2005-2006 / Final season: 2008-2009Appeared in seasons: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009 At the start of teen drama South of Nowhere, lead Spencer Carlin was the new transfer student at King High School, having relocated from Ohio to L. Over the course of the first season Spencer and Ashley visibly developed romantic feelings for each other, leading Spencer to discover her sexuality and realize she was gay.

And it’s what every high school senior goes through, which I really like because it’s a totally different route for Spencer.

Now she’s in Los Angeles and she’s more comfortable with herself, and she’s better able to make decisions in her own world.”So if Spencer and Ashley do end up taking a “break” from one another, does this mean that each will have new love interests?

So will Ashley rekindle her affair with Aiden, or will she stay with Spencer?

Mandy Musgrave told After “No matter what, you can’t lose the relationship between Spencer and Ashley.

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