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Appropriate osseous union without residual fracture lucency.

Fracture margins are ill-defined suggesting resorption or hyperemia associated with early inflammatory/reparative process.

FINDINGS: AP views of bilateral AC joints without and without weight bearing demonstrate normal acromioclavicular and coracoclavicular distances without fracture, dislocation, or significant degenerative changes. External fixation device in place (above and below fx site) with pins/screws connected to external fixation rods via clamps.

FINDINGS: [acute/subacute] [open/closed] [intra-articular] [mild/mod/severely comminuted] [incomplete/avulsion/transverse/oblique/spiral/longitudinal/segmental/impacted/torus or buckle/greenstick/pathologic] fracture. There has been interval [increasing sclerosis at fracture site] [periosteal new bone formation] [immature/mature callus] [bridging osseous callus] [obliteration of fracture lucency] suggesting continued healing and remodelling.

TECHNIQUE: Osseous survey includes [AP/lateral skull, PA/lateral chest along with oblique rib series, AP/lateral cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine, AP pelvis, AP/lateral humeri/forearms, and AP/lateral femurs/tibia/fibula].characterized by [small/bulky/exuberant] periarticular osteophyte formation, subchondral sclerosis, [prominent] geodes, [mild/mod/severe] joint space narrowing/loss [with bone-on bone appearance], and [articular surface remodeling]. FINDINGS: [Total][unipolar/bipolar hemi-][unicompartment hemi-][hip/knee] [cemented] arthroplasty hardware stable in alignment and configuration without abnormal lucency at [hardware-osseous] [cement-hardware] interface.2mm] [Tilting or cranial/medial migration of acet component] [abnormal lateral inclination of acet component nl 30-50deg] [varus/valgus positioning of fem stem] [fem head component eccentrically located within acet cup] [Polyethelene liner/spacer of acetabulum: wear or dislocation with eccentric position of femoral head] [subsidence (sinking) of component]Psoriasis=There is asymmetric predominantly distal involvement with joint space loss without osteopenia, marginal erosions (with mickey-mouse ears), pencil-in-cup deformities, ankylosis, acro-osteolysis, ivory phalanx, and fluffy periostitis.

100% displacement/translation of distal fx fragment] [mm foreshortening or bayonette apposition/overriding] [distracted] [with interposed butterfly fragment] [fracture-dislocation] [articular step-off or incongruity].Overall appearance is unchanged from prior studies with no focal lytic lesion or absence of sclerotic rim at bone-cement interface to suggest recurrence.Modified enteroclysis was performed using thin barium and air (for double contrast imaging of small bowel) via an 8fr feeding tube placed under fluoroscopic guidance with tip [near/distal to] ligament of Trietz.Other than at their confluence with the popliteal vein, the tibial veins and peroneal veins of the calf were not specifically interrogated.Visualized portion of the profunda vein shows no evidence of thrombus.

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It is usually part of an assessment called combined first trimester screening.

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