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In the city of Barquisimeto, a 14-year-old protester was shot and killed, reportedly by the pro-Chavista thug squads known as .

Anti-Maduro demonstrations on this scale also broke out in 2014.

How much do Venezuelans hate President Nicolás Maduro?

Apparently they revile him so much that – in a country where food shortages are so acute the average adult lost almost 20 pounds last year – they’re willing to throw eggs at him.

This is , the Easter Holy Week, a time when Maduro hoped most Venezuelans would pause their angry anti-government protests and head to the beach.

Former President Hugo Chavez took control of a number of industries, including the electricity, telecom, metal and agricultural sectors.Automakers and other global companies with a presence in Venezuela have struggled for years to deal with falling demand for their products and to keep control of their plants as the country descended into economic and political turmoil.The dire business environment became highly publicized Thursday, a day after the country's government seized a General Motors plant in Valencia.GM has said the plant "was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities," and said it plans to fight the seizure through all legal means both inside and outside of the country.The automaker also said the government's action caused "irreparable damage to the company, its 2,678 workers, its 79 dealers and its suppliers," even though it declined to say what the plant has been producing in recent years.

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